Thursday, 10 April 2014

Investigating Directed Numbers.

My students were grouped into pairs. They were given an investigation to conduct, which related to a practical application of directed numbers. These included looking at time, temperature, sea–level and golf.
They were given some time to complete their investigations. Then they had to share their findings with the others in their group who investigated other contexts. The task included completing questions to demonstrate a relationship and then using their iPads to research further.
Students worked in collaboration, and were able to demonstrate their understanding of directed numbers to their peers. By completing this activity, students were able to see the relevance of directed numbers to real life situations.

At the end of the topic, the students were given an opportunity to compete against each other in a card challenge. Using the cards from ace(1) to ten(10), black being positive and red being negative, the aim was to be the closest to a target amount.
They selected two cards...
multiplied them together...

then recorded their result. Whoever was closest to the target number was the winner. It was the best of 5 for each round.

By completing this activity, students were able to consolidate their understanding of directed numbers in an engaging way.

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