Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Answer Pad

I have been using The Answer Pad and its free student app TAPit in every lesson. The thing that I like the most about The Answer Pad is that I can set up my answer sheets and then provide my students with the questions in any format that I like. This is such an advantage for me, because Mathematics has fairly tricky notation, it is difficult to write questions in many apps, so this system removes this hurdle.

So, I have been projecting problems for my students to solve, and they enter their solutions using TAPit on their iPads, or via The Answer Pad on their laptops.  

The students get instant feedback once they turn in their solutions.

I especially like the Go Interactive sessions. It gives me a great opportunity to do assessment of and assessment for learning.

I can pose questions to my students and see their responses which I then use to guide my lessons.

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