Monday, 31 March 2014

What's your angle?

I have been doing a unit on angles. We have been looking at all different types of angles. From acute to vertically opposite, and supplementary to co–interior. 
In this particular activity, students were investigating the properties of angles associated with parallel lines.
They were asked to measure the angles and look for relationships between certain angles as guided by the instructions. I took this opportunity to conduct some informal assessment, by using an app called jungle geometry. While the students were busily engaged in a tactile experience measuring with their protractors, I asked them to measure an angle on my iPad. It gave me a good understanding of who needed further assistance with the use of the protractor.
I also used this activity to sort the students into groups. Each student received a card on their way into the room. Their goal was to find the rest of their group. Each group consisted of a term, its definition and a diagram. I like this activity as a good way to mix the students up a bit.

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